Open Access免费电子书索引

Open Access免费电子书索引

Open Access (可以免费下载的正版书)
Open access (OA) means free access to information and unrestricted use of electronic resources for everyone. Any kind of digital content can be OA, from texts and data to software, audio, video, and multi-media. (Unesco)

Open Access的电子书可以免费下载。这些书可能有纸版,纸版照样出售,并不便宜。有钱的想收藏纸版,可以照旧购买。舍不得花钱的只能看电子版了。


Kishore Mahbubani (马凯硕): The Asian 21st Century

Stephen Owen (宇文所安): The Poetry of Du Fu
The complete works of Du Fu published in English (简介)


Paul Rouzer (罗吉伟): The Poetry and Prose of Wang Wei (王维诗文)
Wang Wei has traditionally been considered one of the greatest of Tang dynasty poets, together with Li Bo and Du Fu. This is the first complete translation into English of all of his poems, and also the first substantial translation of a selection of his prose writings. For the first time, readers encountering his work in English translation will get a comprehensive understanding of Wang Wei‘s range as a poet and prose writer.

The Poetry and Prose of Wang Wei Volume I (王维诗文1)

The Poetry and Prose of Wang Wei Volume II (王维诗文2)

书评:The Poetry and Prose of Wang Wei, 2 Vols., trans. by Paul Rouzer.
—How’s the translation.
—Straightforward and chaste, unartistic.
—Can you feel the poetry, reading it?
—Is it masterful writing only a talented English-language poet could produce?
—Do you even care at this point?
—Not a bit. All I want for Christmas is the big picture.
Friends, these two volumes are, for the first time in English, the big picture.

Tian Xiaofei (田晓菲): Family Instructions for the Yan Clan and Other Works by Yan Zhitui (531–590s)(颜之推集)
Editor: Paul Kroll (柯睿)
This is a new, accurate translation into English, with critical introduction and notes and based on recent scholarship, of Yan Zhitui’s (531–590s) complete literary works, including his famous Family Instructions (颜氏家训), his self-annotated poetic autobiography, a never-before-translated fragmented rhapsody questioning the phenomena of the natural world, and his extant poems. The appendix provides a translation of Yan’s biographies in dynastic histories.

How is Tian Xiaofei, a talented girl from Peking University who used to marry an American old man despite the opposition of her parents?