Recommend an Oxford advanced learner's dictionary 9th

Hello friends,
There are a lot of OALD9 versions in fourm and pdawiki. But I am confused which is the best English to English version.
So I request to all experts, kindly suggest me a best version???无名侠接力赛_牛9双解c版/

Thanks, but it is an old version.


You are right but there are many double solution edtion, and which one is perfect, I don’t know?

Thanks dear. I have got a newest version. Thanks to all

Can you share it? thanks.
Pasword… d1bb

thanks you.

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There is an another file for voices, 2.mdd. you can download it from another source. Size of this file is 1.06 gb. You can download it from here…
Link… 牛津高阶(第10版 英汉双解) V1_1.3.mdd - Google Drive
Just write its name same like your mdx file adding .2.mdd at the end.