Word Bank from Collins COBUILD 5th 2006 光盘

释义部分还没对比,但纯英文的 WORD BANK 里的语料看似很强大啊,是我又没找到对应的MDX吗

单个词典的语料在这词上没找到比之更强的,唯有 TIO v5.0 综合找到更多。




Prompt: 给我一些比较长的中英文对照句子,英文句子包含“chopsticks”

Result from ChatGPT:

1. 他从碗里取出一根筷子,细心地擦了擦,然后又拿了另一根筷子,用它们夹起一粒米,送到嘴里。 (He took one chopstick out of the bowl, carefully wiped it off, and then picked up another chopstick, using them to pick up a grain of rice and put it in his mouth.)
2. 她拿起筷子,轻轻地敲打着盘子,希望能吸引别人的注意。 (She picked up her chopsticks and gently tapped on the plate, hoping to attract someone's attention.)
3. 他把筷子放在桌子上,决定不再用它们了。 (He put his chopsticks down on the table and decided not to use them anymore.)
4. 她用筷子夹起一块肉,递给我,笑着说:“来,尝尝这个,很好吃的。” (She picked up a piece of meat with her chopsticks and passed it to me, smiling and saying, "Here, try this, it's delicious.")
5. 我看到他用筷子吃饭时,我感到很惊讶,因为他刚刚说他不会用筷子。 (I was surprised when I saw him eating with chopsticks, because he had just said that he didn't know how to use them.)
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训练数据都是 OpenAI 从互联网上扒的吧。这玩意儿强在只要你能清楚描述需求,它就能给出一个大差不差的结果。



Give me 10 sentences taken from subtitles for popular TV Shows. These sentences must include string 'chopsticks'.

Result from ChatGPT:

* "I can't believe you ate that with chopsticks."
* "I'm impressed, you're really good with chopsticks."
* "Do they have chopsticks in this restaurant?"
* "I'm sorry, I don't know how to use chopsticks."
* "I always have a hard time using chopsticks."
* "Can you pass me the chopsticks, please?"
* "These chopsticks are too short, I can't reach the food."
* "I love eating with chopsticks, it's so much fun."
* "I need to practice using chopsticks more often."
* "Chopsticks make it easier to eat sushi without making a mess."



define 炮友 in English, in a way that a 5 year old kid can understand

Result from ChatGPT:

炮友 is a term that is used to describe a person who is only a friend for the purpose of having sex. In English, we might call this person a "friend with benefits." This type of friendship is often not very serious and is only meant for fun.




reword the essay quoted below, making it look more natural to native English speakers:

"The environmental pollution is worse and worse today. Many trees are cut down, and water and air are polluted. As a student, I try to have a low-carbon life to save energy and reduce pollution.

Firstly, I often walk to school. It can reduce air pollution. Secondly, I always turn off the lights and fans when leaving the classroom. Thirdly, I always make full use of paper and other school things and never wastewater.

I wish more students to join me and make the earth more and more beautiful."

Result from ChatGPT:

Environmental pollution is becoming worse and worse every day. Many trees are being cut down and water and air are being contaminated. As a student, I try to lead a low-carbon lifestyle in order to save energy and reduce pollution.

First, I often walk to school instead of driving, which helps reduce air pollution. Second, I always turn off the lights and fans when leaving the classroom to save energy. Third, I make sure to use all of the paper and other school supplies I have, and never waste water.

I hope that more students will join me in making our earth more beautiful.
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打开了一扇神奇的门 :crossed_fingers:


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