English Phrasal Verbs Ultimate Collection (3100左右)

English Phrasal Verbs Ultimate Collection[Daniel B. Smith] (z-lib.org).epub (355.4 KB)


English phrasal verbs beginning with “A”
1.abide by = Accept or follow a decision or rule.

e.g. Steve has to abide by what the court says.

2.account for = To explain.

e.g. She has to account for all the money that misses.

3.ache for = Want something or someone a lot.

e.g. My girlfriend has been away for a fortnight – I am aching for her.

4.act on (I) = To take action because of something like information received.

e.g. The police were acting on a tip and they finally caught the gang red-handed.

5.act on (II) = To affect.

e.g. The medicine only acts on infected tissue.

6.act out (I) = Perform something with actions and gestures.

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