Wiktionary latin dictionary

哪位大侠可以把wiktionary latin online 词典弄成mdx离线版?

It would help a lot if you could be clearer on the specific details than this, but I did make one to my own liking anyways

for example this word Vectis. when i check it
it give me two entries , one is english , the the second is latin ,i want a offline latin wiktionary, not the whole wiktionary

Sorry I won’t make further modifications. Someone else can continue my work if he decides to


i downloaded you file, i think i can use it anyway , thanks man :smile:

You’re welcome, that’s good to know!

Re-extracted with 28396 more entries

thanks for the update .i can not imagine you could do it with such a speed, which is very impressive : :astonished:, even though i got other request i can`t ask now. for i think you already are stressed out :smirk: